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Latest Martin Walls Update, & QnA

Martin Walls, has confirmed the end of voice recordings for the Walten Files 4, in this recent YouTube community post, “Absolute A+ voice acting from everyone involved, god. You’re in for a show. in a GREAT mood, may answer some questions about this upcoming episode too, so feel free to ask.”

So it is good to know that The Walten Files 4, could be just weeks away. However, Martin did answer some questions asked of him, but one he answered, with a lot of detail.

The Big Question

Mag Freddy’s – This question has nothing to do with the fourth episode, but how have you felt working on this episode?

MW – This ones a good one, I may rant a little here. There came a time where i thought of cancelling TWF, dropping it at it’s third entry. Fun’s over! I didn’t feel motivated, I felt like the spark of working on the previous episodes was gone, replaced by an overwhelming amount of pressure and views. It was PERFECT to end it at 3 as you could still figure out your own version of the story with the little you had to work with.

So I stayed quiet, and I still am. I reconnect with my more personal life, friends, family, And suddenly I go back to this story, and realize how RICH the full story is once it shall near it’s conclusion. And I think “I know where the story goes on the next episodes is way crazier and intense than what people theorize, much more ambitious and huge, might as well keep going at my own pace, payoff will be worth it!”

And so I continued! silently. No focus on the fanbase or what other analog horrors are doing, just me, my ideas, and the series as the nice little hobby it originally was, the spark’s back! And it felt like working on eps 1 and 2 all over again. Doing them for me, regardless of how many people get to watch it.

TLDR: it was a rollercoaster that defined where this project it’s going, It will go interesting and, eventually, REALLY dark places (story wise). And it’ll take a WHILE to get there…. but so what? It is fun.

It is always good to see Martin be so honest, with the community he has created. I think this statement, is important, not just to Martin, but the community, to understand the man behind the series. He is an artist, a creator, not an executive or corporately minded entrepreneur.

So below, here are other questions and answers, from Martin Walls:

Questions 2 – 5

Jam Jelly – Any chances we’ll get more backstory on characters that haven’t been mentioned a lot yet (E.g Charles, Linda, Chris) or even some new characters?

MW – this episode recontextualizes stuff from 1-3. Expands in this story in a way I believe many will like, few may not.

Kidwithacamera – Overall, what do you think you have learned through the creation of TWF 4, and will be used further (e.i. meaning will it continue after the release of TWF 4?)

MW – 1- inspiration/motivation comes at it’s own pace, I cannot change that fact. 2- yes

Melani Marquez –

What has been your favorite experience so far in the making of this episode?? Also I hope you’re doing well!

MW – The last segment was a BLAST! super fun mix of all the good elements that make TWF work, and I get to share it with all these BRILLIANT people in the team. I loved writing the scripts for this one, good stuff.

Sophie DeVal – Is there any particular character we need to be keeping a close eye on during the next installment? really excited for this can’t wait for some more uncanny Jack images 🙂

MW –


Questions 6 – 8

Germán Morel – not about the upcoming episode, but will you do some more special episodes like the mysterious house or boozoo´s ghosts eventually?

MW – Na, i can only focus on one scary story at a time.

Pink Lasagna – What moment in the show were you really excited/happy to see be translated onto video form (what moment were you really excited to see come together after everything was made)?

MW – second half of the episode, it’s not finished just yet but seeing it come into video so far has been fantastic.

big lumby – So i’ve kinda been thinking of this since the teaser 2 weeks ago: in terms of length, do you think twf4 can be topped, or do you think shorter episodes will come in the aftermath of this one? I know that creators sometimes tend towards shorter content after a period of long videos or one especially long video, and considering that you’re making art here I’m wondering if the same applies with what you’re making. of course, shorter doesn’t mean worse, I’m just wondering.

On that note as well, any thoughts about non-canon things or side videos that are a few minutes long? will there be more videos like boozoo’s ghosts or tmh in the future?

MW – Episode 4 is one of the few REALLY long episodes, it can be topped. But there will come shorter episodes, they all depend in the amount of the content shown in the episode.

Questions 9 – 12

Molecule * – You had mentioned a while back that the series will take more of a cinematic turn, so my question is if you will make this series start to feel like a ‘show’? Love your series, Martin! Keep up the fantastic work!

MW – Yes! In fact, we came up with an interesting way to have “title cards” for the episodes, finished editing the ones for episode 5 and 6 last week as a small test, it’s a good blend between a “thriller show” and just the right amount of “VHS horror” into it.

Jamie L – Do you think you ever top episode 4 again?? Or do you think that this is your peak, for at least a long time from now.

MW – When you’re FINALLY able to pitch up something good that you feel happy and satisfied with, there comes a “post-creative” period where yeah, you believe it cannot be topped. Happened when i finished ep 3 and i stayed months figuring out how to break from this.

Tldr: I know what the peak of twf will be and it is not episode 4, that being said, episode 4 begins the process that drives the story to it’s “peak” haha, so im certainly positive about that.

BonFilms – Hello Martin! Are we going to get more information on “Bon” in TWF4? He seems the most interesting to me.

MW – Whistles.

Ari – Is charles going to get more lore/screen time in twf 4? really curious about him!

MW – Previous loose ends will be tied up in this episode, maybe not the ones you guys expect.

Questions 13 – 18

Peanut5man – Idk if you’d said this anywhere or if you’d even want to say it, but about how long will the runtime be of TW4? Super hyped to see what it’s like.

MW – Longer than 1 hour, that’s for sure.

mei-day – is it going to be like really emotional? is there going to be new characters introduced?

MW – It’s going to be silent.

ANGSTYCORE – what’s the episode that you’re the most exited to work on after 4?

MW – Episode 6, that one’s quite the punchline.

LennyNoLennie – In one word, how would you describe the next episode to us?

MW – Loneliness.

Lilo&StitchFan926 – Are there gonna be any moments from the next or future Walten Files episodes that will make us cry?(not out of fear, but sadness or maybe joy).

MW – Something I like about what we’ve wrote for episodes 4, 5 and 6. Is we explore a lot more emotions than just achieving horror in a cheap way, so, hopefully, maybe!

_sapple_ – Will this episode be as a premiere or a normal video? (Since you already stated that it won’t be in an analog marathon).

MW – I do not like premieres, breaks the whole feeling of dread and being alone if you have thousands of people watching this you, I like my stories to feel personal, even invasive for the viewer, as if you’re inside this world too.

Questions 19 – 22

Aart_w_Maya – Will there be any clues/hints to when twf 4 will be released?? I’m a huge fan!!

MW – there WILL be.

nat chi – not necessarily about next episode, but what’s your main inspiration for the general aesthetic of twf?

MW – so many. Texas Chainsaw, a few PS1-PS2 games, Old film noir films, Better Call Saul, 60s/70s horror. and my grandma’s house.

Kaper Juice – Do you think people will pick up on all/the majority of the story you are trying to tell? Or are there certain tid-bits (or even plots) that are left more open to interpretation? Will it be a challenge to uncover the “full” story?

MW – this episode is where the “deeper” story begins to crack into what eps 1-3 set up, we’re opening a door to what the walten files is leading up to, pretty crazy!

Hailwynx – Yay!! I’m super excited abt this! I know that the voice actors all do their best and are rlly good at their roles!! I’m also glad that ur happy!!

Not sure if this has been answered at all but in this episode will we be more focused on what happened in the 70s only or will it jump around? I know this will be abt 2 hrs long so I’m pretty excited to see all of the new lore since I’m sure there will be A LOT to take in!! :]

ALSO will there be a lot of sadness in this? If so I don’t think I’m prepared for what’s gonna happen lmao

MW – This episode will focus on a very specific and mayyyybe overlooked era of the story, but it’s one I’ve been waiting to dive into for a WHILE.

It is tense, not mindblowing explosive or extremely shocking. But it is very tense.

The Final Questions

Macabre Void – Not really a question about the episode, but will Walten plushies ever come back? Also am really excited to see the new episode!!

MW – yes!

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノAnastasia – Can you tell us which character will be getting the most spotlight here?

MW – one i wanted to shine a spotlight on for a while.

Pixelist – This question has probably been answered before, but now seeing how much longer this episode has been in development then it was intended, I wanted to know, what makes this episode stand out then the other entries? (Without giving anything away obviously).

MW – It’s structured a lot more like a proper horror series, not a youtube video comp like prev episodes. It is slower, much more fleshed out and wayy more intriguing, it feels a lot more planned out now.

Soraya Aragon – how long will the next season be?

MW – 6 episodes.

cougar – Ooo would you say you have favorite character from the series or do you like them equally?? Maybe one that was more fun to develop or somethn

MW – too many… sophie? felix? jack? rose? “bon”??? there’s stuff to love about all of them.


So some really interesting answers from Martin Walls, and of course thank you to the folks asking the questions. I think the 1 word answer, from Martin describing TWF4 as, loneliness, surprises me. It is also a fear inducing word. to quote Dr Hill from the video game, Until Dawn, 2015, “There is a fine line between the peacefulness of solitude and the loneliness of isolation.”

The Walten Files 4 is coming soon!

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