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Latest Update from Martin Walls

This statement was made on Martin Walls’ YouTube channel:

The Date, 3rd February 2022.

What to expect from The Walten Files 4:

This episode is the 4th installment on the first season of TWF (which is 6 episodes long). It’ll last around the same length as the previous entry: BunnyFarm, this episode however won’t be as packed as TWF3, It’ll be much more like the first 2 episodes of the series, more world-building and overall expanding the story.

This episode will be a little different from the usual analog horror style that the previous 3 entries had, this is in order to take the series in different, more original, creative and frankly more “cinematic” directions, that is of course without taking away from the style and feel that identifies this series to begin with. I honestly prefer continuing the series with the style of this episode rather than the frankly overdone style of the first 3.

As of the release date, there’s no date planned yet, but the episode is 3/4 done, I’ll inform everyone when the episode is ready to release, like usual, it’ll prob release a friday at 9 PM EST.

We have some few merch planned for this episode and the rest of the year as a whole, we have a lot of fun stuff prepared coming your way.


After episode 4 is released, the next thing to come out would be the two parter season finale we have planned (TWF 5 & 6), which will begin production once episode 4 is released. We plan to finish TWF 5 & 6 together and release them only a week apart to make it more interesting, but that’s something that shall be discussed once we get there.

MASSIVE thanks for the patience, and stay tuned for the new thrilling entry in the silly killer rabbit series.

love. -Martin

My Reaction to the Statement

I guess I’m wrong about Valentines Day as well then. Damn. But it is exciting to read Martin is excited about the project and seems to be enjoying the process of making Walten Files 4. I also think it is interesting that he has a plan for Walten Files 5, and Walten Files 6. Maybe, there could be a major plot twist in TWF5, setting the internet ablaze for a week, before the 6th installment.

If he is 3 quarters done, and the episode is as long as TWF3, that means 45 minutes (roughly) of Walten Files, is ready. That in itself is exciting. Also, for anyone who is not a Patreon of Martin Walls, there are more teasers of TWF4, available there.

In terms of the series becoming more cinematic, I like that Martin continues to evolve the series, learning his craft with each episode. I continue to look forward, to Walten Files 4, coming soon, to a YouTube near you.

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