The Voice Cast of the Walten Files

Below is the cast of the Walten Files so far…

This page will continue to be updated after every instalment of new Walten Files Content.

The Names below are in no particular order.

Jack Walten????Martin Walls
Rocket BunnyTWF 3Martin Walls
Pumpkin RabbitMysterious HouseMartin Walls
The Sad Ghost of Past ExperiencesBoozoo’s GhostsMartin Walls
Brian StellsTWF 1DBR_Games
AshleyTWF 2 + TWF 3Em C.
KevinTWF 2Panini
HollyTWF 3Panini
HillaryTWF 2MissCaution
Billy the ClownTWF 2 + TWF 3Manny204553
Bon (Vocals Edited)TWF 2Bravvyy (Sadie)
BonTWF 3 + Commercial + Bon’s Burger Plush AdBravvyy (Sadie)
DuckieMysterious HouseBravvyy (Sadie)
MortalityBoozoo’s GhostsBravvyy (Sadie)
Sophie WaltenAnyLighth0use
Jenny LettersonTWF 3Izzsplash
Susan WoodingsTWF 3CoralineHecc
ShaTWF 3Anastasia V.
The Jolly Ghost of Present TimesBoozoo’s GhostsAnastasia V.
BoozooTWF 3 + It’s That Time of the Year!Kyle Denigris
BoozooBon’s Burger Plush Ad + Boozoo’s Holiday MessageKyle Denigris
Ebenezer BoozooBoozoo’s Holiday MessageKyle Denigris
Ebenezer BoozooBoozoo’s GhostsVivian (SmokeyDream_)
BannyTWF 3 + Bon’s Burger Plush AdSquidley
BannyBoozoo’s GhostsTobi
ShowbearTWF 3ThunderingStatic
PeteTWF 3Squimpus McGrimpus
Molly WaltenTWF 3Roob
Edd WaltenTWF 3Petertriesricecakes
Felix KrankenAnyCoker Easler
NarratorBoozoo’s Ghosts + Bon’s Burger Plush AdCoker Easler
Commercial NarratorCommercialSagan Hawkes
TammyMysterious HousePinkuvelvet
HidieBoozoo’s GhostsRredGrizzly

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