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New YouTube Video Idea for Martin Walls

This idea came to me, out of more of remembering how TV shows used to showcase its stars, towards the start of their show, or series. Take the gameshow Gladiators, who would showcase the Gladiators, whilst a classic 90s rock played in the background.

Or when Robot Wars would show off its House Robots, that torment so many robots that would dare to die in their arena. I’ll remember series 6’s intro of the House Robots, forever. Even if his name is insensitive in 2022.

And it is even being used by YouTubers, as is evidenced by No Rolls Barred. Using a similar concept for its opening of its new series, Lord of the Board.

So my suggestion to Martin Walls is to do something similar, and he has already done it! Uploaded on January 21st 2022, on Patreon, from 0:57 into the video, until 02:27, works very well, for this 80s and 90s TV concept. Upload that 90-second video to YouTube, advertising Walten Files 4 is exactly a week away, with a specific date and time, and watch the joy in the comments section.

Maybe this is just my nostalgia for that cheesy time in television, but I think it will get people excited, and tuning in a week later. The music right now works, so all the video would need, are words at the top of the video, telling the audience, “Walten Files 4 Premiere ‘DATE’ ‘TIME’.” And that is literally it.

No lore hints, no extra creepyness than what already exists in the 90 seconds, and let the hype train begin. This is only my suggestion to Martin Walls, and I don’t expect him to do this, but it would be an easy video for you Martin.

Just saying.

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